While spending his youth in Colombia, Alejandro Hernandez developed his art under the tutelage of his grandfather, artist Luis Pinto Madonado. Madonado was a prolific sculpture, recognized world-wide; Hernandez aspired to achieve the same notoriety.

As a young man, Hernandez studied sculpture at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. There, he perfected his craft and showed in several galleries and exhibitions, earning many accolades and honors abroad and in his home country. This experience, through which Hernandez was immersed in the most classical collection and practice of sculpture, facilitated development of his two inherently different techniques.

In Latin America, Hernandez is known for his bronze busts of historical figures. His pieces have been displayed around the world: in Bogota, Berlin, Miami, San Salvador, and Beijing. However, the artist also has contemporary aspirations. In the work shown at the Alvarez Gallery, Hernandez employs a more organic approach, reminiscent of Italian sculptor Alberto Giacometti. The labor of the artist is apparent in each piece, with thumbprints and movement incredibly visible. At the heart of his work is an appreciation of the female form, which he considers, “the symbol of fertility… organic and interesting."