Rex Prescott Walden is an American artist whose geometric works draw inspiration from maritime tradition, placing cartography in a contemporary context.

A true Nutmegger, Walden personifies the East Coast with wind-blown hair and sun-reddened cheeks. He lives and breathes Connecticut, the state in which he was born and raised. After graduating from the University of Denver in 1973, he used his Bachelor of Fine Arts to become an art instructor at Valley Regional High School in Deep River, CT. There, he became an essential part of the art department, serving as its chairman between 1982 and 2001. In 1991, he was awarded a Fulbright Grant where he traveled to Salford, England to teach art for a year. As a teacher, Walden’s passion for art became tangible and transferable.

Walden’s work reinterprets a vision of space and time, relating these elements to contemporary experience. “Memory provides the depth of the visual experience,” the artist explains, “I see the audience responding to my work in very personal ways. Found objects, painterly brushstrokes, and mapping references all help to spark a variety of reactions to each piece. Each viewer brings his or her own history to the work. This variety of responses helps to keep each collage composition provocative and fresh.”

In 2002, after nearly 30 years as an educator in Deep River, Walden chose to commit himself to his art, establishing Joshua Point Studio. In early 2010, he was signed on by the Alvarez Gallery where he sold-out his first show. In the past, Walden has participated in over 25 exhibitions and has consistently won “Best in Show” awards in local art competitions. His work hangs in several private collections, as well as in the permanent collections of the New Haven Paint and Clay Club, the Florence Griswold Museum, and the Smilow Cancer Center at Yale New Haven Hospital.