Shelby Head

Shelby Head was born in 1956 in Bronxville, NY. Her studio and home is in Madison, CT. Her education includes M.F.A. studies at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and M.A. in sculpture at Adams State University in Colorado. Head has extensive technical experience working as a professional mold maker and wax technician for several art foundries in New Mexico and she worked as a technician for sculptor Tom Otterness in New York City. She built models and supervised model makers for stop motion animated television commercials and music videos. In 2012, her work was selected to be included in the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery’s annual “Thank you, CT” show in Stamford. In 2014, Head had two solo exhibitions, one at Hilles Gallery, Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT. and the second at Paul Mellon Arts Center, Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT. An upcoming solo show at the Gallery will be announced in Fall 2015.

Her new work explores variations and subtleties of the relationship between architecture, light, space, and material. The surface of each piece in this series reference the architecture in and around the Yale Art Gallery wherein line and space are reduced to its simplest form. The planes of the surface are covered with a variety of off-white paper to create a quiet contrast between shapes. One-half inch below the surface, embedded LED lights illuminate three-dimensional constructions of various material that can be seen through gaps in the exterior surface. The material and light from below escape onto the two-dimensional landscape creating interplay between flat surface and sculpture. The work invites the viewer to question the relationship between architecture and line, two-dimensional art and sculpture, interior and exterior space, and light as an element in art.