Internationally-renowned sculptor - classically trained in traditional techniques and mediums. Unique perspective marries the realistic and abstract, is inspired by the rugged landscapes, fauna and ancient history of his native homeland in the province of Ragusa, Sicily. Of the many distinctive pieces created over a fifty-plus year career, his most famous monumental works are the Wall Street Charging Bull (1989) and the Shanghai Bund Charging Bull (2010) on permanent public display in the financial districts of New York and Shanghai respectively. His current project will also be the pinnacle of his career – Wild Horses, a stunning bronze and steel equine sculpture over 46 feet wide and 28 feet high, to weigh about 14 tons.


Geist Galleries, London, UK – Charging Bull Series Sculpture


Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, Stamford, CT – New Collection Sculpture

Cipriani Downtown, New York, NY – 2013 Collection Sculpture (revolving exhibit)


Het Beursplein (Bourse Euronext), Amsterdam, Netherlands – Charging Bull Sculpture (permanent public display)


Cipriani Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE – Il Cavallo Sculpture (public display)

Cipriani Downtown, Dubai, UAE – Charging Bull Sculpture (public display)


Bund Financial Square, Shanghai, China – Monumental Bund Charging Bull Sculpture (permanent public display)

Shanghai World Expo – Il Cavallo Sculpture


54 Crosby, New York, NY – New ’96 Collection Sculpture, Prints & Painting


Cipriani Grand Central, New York, NY – Architectural Elements (permanent installation)


Cipriani Downtown, New York, NY – Space Design & Architectural Elements


Bowling Green, New York, NY – Monumental Charging Bull Sculpture (permanent public display)


Wall Street, New York, NY – Monumental Charging Bull (temporary guerilla installation)


54 Crosby, New York, NY – Sculpture ’87 Collection Sculpture


Trump Tower, New York, NY – Il Cavallo Sculpture


Concord Gallery, New York, NY – Sculptures


Dorsky Galleries, New York, NY – Sculptures


Glass Ballet Gallery, West Hampton, NY – Sculpture

Rockefeller Center, New York, NY – Love in Space Series (guerilla installation)

Castle Clinton National Park, New York, NY – Sculptures


Grace Gallery, New York, NY – New Sculpture


Grace Gallery, New York, NY – New Sculpture

Brandies University, Short Hills, NJ – Sculpture

Summit Art Center, Summit, NJ – Sculpture & Painting


Wickersham Gallery, New York, NY – Sculpture & Painting


Galleria Michelangelo, Florence, Italy – Sculpture & Painting


Galleria Vincentiana, Milan, Italy – Sculpture & Painting

Hotel Villa Medici, Florence, Italy – Prehistoric Era Sculpture & Painting


Galleria Il Corso, Perugia, Italy – Sculpture & Painting

Galleria Falsetti, Florence, Italy – Sculpture & Painting


Galleria La Laterna, La Spezia, Italy – Sculpture & Painting


Galleria Lippi, Florence, Italy – Sculpture & Painting

Galleria Il Babbuino, Rome, Italy – Sculpture & Painting


Galleria Marguttiana, Rome, Italy – Sculpture & Painting


Galleria Cavour, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy – Sculpture & Etching


Galleria Cavour, Ragusa, Sicily, Italy – Sculpture & Painting


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