Evelin Velasquez: Transfigurations

Saturday, Oct 11 – Thursday, Dec 11 11:00 am – 6:00 pm



Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery

96 Bedford Street

Stamford, CT




STAMFORD, CT – The Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery proudly announces the exhibition of Colombian photographer Evelin Velásquez’s Transfigurations, to open on Saturday, October 11th.


Velásquez is the recipient of various accolades throughout her native Colombia. In a short period of time, she has produced three solo exhibitions, including a reiteration of Transfigurations at the Universidad EAFIT. This solo production received critical acclaim for the artist amongst academics, critics, curators, and her contemporaries. Transfigurations marks the artist’s first U.S. solo exhibition and will be curated by Fernando Luis Alvarez, who discovered Velásquez on a recent visit to Medellin, along-side Dr. Brooke Lynn McGowan, the gallery’s newest addition to its curatorial team. Dr. McGowan has also written an essay for the exhibition’s catalog.


“From the gallerist’s perspective,” says Alvarez, “we have in our hands one of Colombia’s best emerging artists. Velásquez’s talent, the dedication of her team, and her sense of historical purpose within the context of contemporary art makes her a young yet important and lasting voice in the world of photography.”



Using canonical and catholic imagery in her work, Velásquez brings forth a narrative that compromises the feminine body in various states of distress. A mother clutching her deformed children, a woman abandoned in the salt flats, Saint Lucy’s effigy cupping a handful of blood, the Virgin Mary, head tilted up in ecstatic anguish, grasping the broken body of her Son. To the artist, this is the eternal trouble of the feminine body: to be a vessel for both life and violence.


Velásquez describes her characters as “the representation of some common sentiment in the human, receiving their value as icons the moment they managed to cross the threshold of the imagination, to signify the pathos of the human soul. The other and the self; difference and repetition.” In Maria de losSilencios, Velásquez, dressed as the Virgin in a black shroud, clutches the falling bodies of broken cherubs, her children, which continue to replicate around her in an almost unending mob. As part of Lucia, a video piece inspired by the story of Saint Lucy, a slow drip of blood falls from unknown origin into the artist’s cupped hands until it can no longer be contained and begins to overflow, the subject unable (or unwilling) to stop it. These women, among others, are the characters that the artist plays to express the suffering of women in an allegorical context. Velásquez’s fascination with Mary– whether it be a Virgin-Mary, Mother-Mary, Mary-Medea representation– demonstrates in this exhibit the iconography of the female body within art, while being entirely mindful of its limitations as subjects of suffering.


Also featured in the exhibition are hundreds of process images– photographs taken of the laborious process of creating each work. In Colombia, Velásquez has collected a team of followers that assist her in executing her creative vision. Make-up artists, seamstresses, designers, photographers all come to her aid in a swarm. By exhibiting these photographs, the artist is conscious of the collaborative process that brings her art into being: “my photographs are not documents,” she says, “recording an action in order to move it into the gallery; these images are thought-out and completely controlled: from the location, character, props, and makeup to lighting and editing.”


As Dr. McGowan states in her essay, “[Veláquez’s] aesthetic, as such, is more than that; like all great (performance) artists before her, the artist seeks a limit experience—whose aesthetic nature is found not only in its end-use manifestation—the photograph, the video—but in a relationship to the very narrative with which she would engage which is interrupted by the space of her own body. Hoc estenim corpus meum. For this is my body.”



A full-color, 80-page catalog will accompany the exhibition with essays by Sol Astrid Giraldo, Director of Graduate Studies in Art History at the Universidad de Antioquia, and Dr. McGowan. It also includes stills from the artist’s performance works, the video of Lucia and of Aqui con llegos, llegos, as well as sketches and digital compilations that show a behind-the-scenes view.



Transfigurations will open on Saturday, October 11th at 3pm with a reception beginning at 6pm. The show will run through December 11th. Gallery hours are: Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm.


About Evelin Velásquez

Evelin Vásquez was born in Medellín, on October 7, 1986. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Universidad de Antioquia. She has had the following solo exhibitions: Transfiguraciones, Eafit University Art Gallery, 2014; Ponientes, Galería de la Oficina Art Gallery, City Museum of Jericó, Antioquia, and Casa Teatro El Poblado Foundation, 2013; and Soliloquio, Art Gallery of Universidad de Antioquia’s School of Medicine, 2009. Since 2007, she has been invited to several collective exhibitions and has participated in the design and execution of murals in the city of Medellín. In 2009, she received an honorable mention at the second Comfenalco Biennale of Visual Arts, and in 2012, she was awarded an Artists’ Fellowship from Alcaldía de Medellín in the category of Photography with her project Ponientes. She is exclusively represented by the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery.


About the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery

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