Silvestre Preciado Solo Exhibition

Friday, Oct 4 – Friday, Nov 1



Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery

96 Bedford Street

Stamford, CT 06901






Silvestre Preciado is an interdisciplinary artist concentrating on drawing, which projects to her sculpture and painting. Her work ranges from steel and arc welding to oil painting.

A graduate of The Cooper Union, her thesis originated from identity in medical depiction of the body. The original intention was to bridge the disconnect between images of the body, and the body of the viewer. After the solo exhibition based on radiological images, Preciado shifted her primary focus on identity. The resources for the work transitioned from interior body images to aerial views of urban cities, and their incredible similarities to electron microscopic images of the skin.

Preciado is currently focusing on her solo exhibition, taking place on October 4, 2013. The exhibition goes away from themes of identity, and the modern portrait, to a basis of Mind-body discourse in Semiotics.

Machine worship is the fetishization of our limited bodies, and limitation itself. The effect of such worship is the paradoxical creation of new limits. By deifying the vehicles of limit-transcendence, we reaffirm that our corporeal existence is flawed through limitation. It is the cilice that underlies our relationship with the rule of machine.