Rex Prescott Walden: Unexpected Juxtaposition

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Rex Prescott Walden: Unexpected Juxtaposition
Saturday, Jun 17 - Tuesday, Jul 18  6:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery - Stamford
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Rex Prescott Walden: Unexpected Juxtaposition

STAMFORD, CT -- The Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery is proud to announce its exhibition of artist Rex Prescott Walden’s project Unexpected Juxtaposition, opening on Saturday, June 17th from 6 to 9pm.

Walden is an American assemblage artist and painter, living and working at his coastal home in Guilford, CT. A lifetime spent on Long Island Sound has permanently affected both his material and subject. This is increasingly evident with each new series of work. Unexpected Juxtaposition is an extension of the same narrative the artist has explored in previous shows: time and memory.

The most obvious measure of influence in Walden's work for this exhibition is the sea. Through charts, instruments, color and form, it is an ever-present player in his narrative, at once vocal and silent. Walden's work collages together items that represent both a literal and spiritual journey. By applying navigational charts in his pieces, he guides the viewer on a voyage across abstract landscapes. To understand the intended destination, one must look for a reference to a place or a degree of longitude and latitude within the plane of the artwork. Allusions to measurement help to mark the steps of the voyage, while found objects evoke memories of past experience. Throughout the collection, there is a tension between texture and design.

The artist, himself, is compelled by these elements in his medium. As Walden describes it, “There is nothing more beautiful, or frightening, than the minimal perfection of a white canvas. Each mark one makes is a risk... The elusive -- and sometimes forgiving -- attributes of any medium coax me to continue. Keeping paint friendly is my goal, as I know it can turn on me at any moment.”

The sea’s ever-changing and arcane nature, along with its inherent strength and calm, are essential to the artist’s use of abstraction. It is intentional, therefore, that the viewer encounter each work in new ways at every viewing, keeping the work constantly changing and alive.

Unexpected Juxtaposition will be on view through July 16th. For more information, please contact Rebecca Hansen at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or at 888-861-6791.


Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery
96 Bedford Street