Defined in the logic of an expansive process of capital, technology and culture, globalization has inevitably arrived and with it various modes of commercial integration, markets, symbolic capitals, border ruptures and other consequences that have transformed the way in which art is now defined within an apparent loss of territoriality and new combinations of representation. […]


The diversity of the languages of art seems to have displaced the prominence of painting as the noblest of the arts. It has displaced its preeminence over the rest of the expressions, of the complex theoretical frameworks that have been formulated about it, and that now have become references in memory of the treatises of […]


Harald Szeemann

Harald Szeemann (11 June 1933 – 18 February 2005) was a Swiss curator and artist and art historian. Having curated more than 200 exhibitions, many of which have been characterized as groundbreaking, Szeemann is said to have helped redefine the role of an art curator.It is believed that Szeemann elevated curating to a legitimate art-form […]


Marcia Tucker (1940-2006) was a curator and founder of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, an institution she directed for twenty-two years. Both her curatorial practice and her museum held as a philosophical underpinning the notion that contemporary art and its exhibition should be challenging conceptually and, often, politically. Tucker’s practice of […]


what is art

Art today expresses itself to us in the midst of its own bewilderment, before our equally bewildered senses. Today we find ourselves in the midst of the shifting sands of the diversity, the multiplicity and the plurality of the languages of art, without clear direction of what we see or in what we participate.  What […]


Fernando Luis Alvarez will participate in a presentation at the Silvermine Arts Center on March 30th at 6pm for the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County. This discussion, part of a “Cultivating Collectors” series, will center around how to find, grow, and maintain a base of collectors, particularly in a market like Connecticut. Alvarez will be lending […]


Thank You, CT! is an annual exhibition put on by the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery that invites local artists to submit work for consideration in a group exhibition that highlights Connecticut’s artistic talent. In it’s fourth year, the show is a juried exhibition that has brought museum directors, art critics, foundation presidents, and established artists […]


In continuation of the second half of its mission statement, building community from the doors out, the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery proudly announces its executive-level involvement in and support of a groundbreaking new documentary film A New Resistance. To celebrate this announcement and begin raising awareness and financial support for the film, the Gallery will […]

Arturo Di Modica’s art: A memory

Arturo will forever be legend, friend, mentor, rebel and master scultptor who refused to take the traditional road in the art world Fernando Alvarez   Fernando Luis Álvarez, gallery owner and director of The Alvarez Gallery, was the first to represent the work of Italian-American sculptor Arturo Di Modica (1941-2021) throughout his fifty-year career in […]