As an effort to expand the awareness of our curatorial work and our Gallery branding footprint, we entered a partnership with The Village Stamford by becoming its Chief Curators. The entire Village and their expanded community of corporations, creators, investors, and visitors can now experience our work throughout the building, including its members’ club.



Iconic American artist Joseph Kosuth (b. 1945) laid historic claim to the excavated medieval Louvre in 2009 with his solo exhibition, Neither Appearance nor Illusion.  The historic exhibition consists of sentences written in French using suspended neon tubing along the walls. The Alvarez Gallery is proud to sponsor the exhibition and honored to be the only gallery positioning these works for sale.

The second edition (2/2) of the (15) neons, in French, are available, as are sets of 15 embossed prints, signed and dated by the Artist, made in an edition of 25.