Only Natural introduces us to instantaneous scenes, of the nature of the human, of its inherent need to generate an owned environment, where each one takes its space, inside a visual field assembled in real areas, but imagined by Thomas in her search –as she argues herself – of: “elevating the mundane as a means to make it appear a bit more spiritual and with this find the connection and the magic in everyday experiences”.

Her works surpass real existence when she endows them with profound meanings by the adoption of sensitive and imperceptible fragments of life. Her purpose, to drive them to the plane in which they not only reveal an event but second human natures, are expressed as traces of environments and time within which visualizes and prints the encounter and connection so needed in the present society.

Written by Elizabeth Marín.


Artist Image

Jena Thomas

Jena Thomas_Bathroom break_2019_Edited (1)
Jena Thomas_Secret Meeting Place_2020 (1)
Jena Thomas_In Search of Fun_2018_Edited (1)