Across our nation, the relentless march of COVID-19 has made any vision of the present and future uncertain. In this generalized state of heightened anxiety we are currently living, an ugly side of our society has reared its head: Terrible displays of hate and discrimination, a product of the systemic racism that has gone undressed for too long, have arisen, showing there’s still a lot of self-reflection and work to become a more just, egalitarian and inclusive society.

Dealing with collective trauma is not an unfamiliar challenge for humanity: Despite illness, war, hatred, and pain, hope has always prevailed. We have come together in the hopes that we can overcome and evolve past any hardship and welcome new times. The cruel irony is that the infectious nature of COVID-19 has forced us, and billions of people across the globe, to stay home and cope or even grieve, alone. But it does not need to be like this. As more people are coming together in the fight against hate and disease, we have decided to do our bit with ‘Orange’, a digital show to calm souls and to find comfort in our friends, family, and community.


Jena Thomas

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Jeff Robinson

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Shelby Head


Ben Quesnel

Quesnel, Template 1, 24x32, gouache on canvas, 2020 (2)
Quesnel, Template 2, 24x32, gouache on canvas, 2020 (2)
Quesnel, Soft Totem (1)

Vincent Serbin

Minor Toon 2019jpeg
Virginal Toon

Antuan Rodríguez

Sin título-2
CodigoComplete2 (1)

John Jader Bedoya

John J Bedoya - Earth, sand, and acrylic 19 - 45.25 x 59
John J. Bedoya, Filodendro Verde, Green Philodendro, 2018, 68.5 x 60.62, mix media (1)

Rex Prescott Walden

Marsh 13
New York 25 HD
Martha's HD
The Neck HD