We are laser-sharp focused on building artists’ careers from the doors in,
and community from the doors out through:

The advancement of the arts in economic, cultural, and philanthropic ventures.

Creating a dialogue between artists and collectors, and providing them with a meeting ground and marketplace through our gallery.

Identifying artists who not only exemplify astounding creative talent but also have the capacity to grow and develop within our brand.

Recognizing the importance of telling a story, and only choosing artists who can contribute in profound ways to that story.

  • 2008 GREENWICH SOHO FACTORY Seeking to revitalize the Byram section of Greenwich, we took a former boat factory and turned it into an art studio that lure collectors and build community.

  • 2009 ALVAREZ GALLERY Launched gallery to build artists’ careers from the doors in and community from the doors out.

  • 2010 “TO WOMEN” PERFORMANCE Invited by Le Meridien Hotel in Philadelphia to inaugurate their hotel with a live painting performance.

  • 2011 SPROUTING SPACES  Offers solutions to three key problems: 1. Provides affordable studio space to artists, in a market with ever-increasing rent costs.2. Activates landlords’ commercial vacancies, raising morale and, at times, increasing eachspace’s visibility to potential tenants.3. Brings visual arts culture directly into the community.

  • 2012 YERWOOD CENTER An important community center central to Stamford’s legacy, it was in financial and political turmoil. We did what many others in the city could not: restore the center and set it on a sustainable path for its community and the 500-800 children that needed it.

  • 2013 VALERIE FURTH Acquired a Holocaust survivor’s important contemporary art collection, including what she as an artist also painted, and the rights to her story and catalogue.

  • 2014 TATE Invited by Sir Nicholas Serota, former Tate Director (1988-2017), to run the Frieze Tate Acquision Fund. At the time, Serota was the most important man in the art world.

  • 2015 LOUVRE The Charles V Hall at the Musee du Louvre carries our name as the lead sponsor of the exhibition of Joseph Kosuth’s “Ni apparence ni Illusion” (Neither appearance nor illusion).

  • 2017 ARTURO DIMODICA First and only North American gallery to ever represent Italian sculptor Arturo DiModica (1941-2021) creator of NYC’s 2nd most-visited landmark, the Charging Bull of Wall Street.

  • 2018 THE SPOON MOVEMENT The Gallery created, strategized, directed and executed an artist-led group exhibition called “Opioid: Express Yourself,” which led to the international viral impact that greatly contributed to the downfall of Purdue Pharma.

  • 2018 CLEMENTINA ARTS FOUNDATION After close to a decade funding artists studios, programs for kids, and even museums, we spun-off our Gallery’s charitable arm to a 501c3 to fund these initiatives.

  • 2020 THE-CURTAINS An activist movement, created as a continuation of The Spoon Movement.   The-Curtains seeks to hold accountable people who cover up for bad actors in society, like those that shielded the architects of the opioid epidemic.

  • 2021 KUDOS CURATORS & Kudos Spaces A portal for international curators and art critics, aimed to build our artists and our brands by enhancing communities with curated random Kudos Spaces. Coming Fall 2021