Kudos Shed is an extension of the Kudos Curators platform, and provides an in-person, immersive experience with a focused curatorial idea. The concept is simple: one curator, one artist, one artwork. All housed in a humble shed.

This intersection of high art and humble architecture, paired with the mandate that no images or social media capture the experience during its exhibition run, goes against the vanity of the contemporary art world. Currently driven by artifice, ego, and performance, artists are asked to be content curators, feeding the system of likes and “engagement” to achieve recognition. Kudos Shed banishes that idea – and pledges not to share the exhibition digitally until long after it is over.

Sheds are known to be bastions of agrarian labor and tool storage, as they are intended as purely functional spaces. Kudos Shed turns this convention on its head by transforming these structures into high art.
Our efforts also provide a meeting place for the community, offering a space for free thought and dialogue.

By utilizing these sheds, we hope to make the experience more accessible and approachable to everyone, not just those who can afford to enter – or are not intimidated by – vast contemporary structures now so common in galleries, foundations, and art museums.

In effect, Kudos Shed becomes a celebration of the curator, the artist, and the “shed” itself.


Preserving historical architecture

The external result: KUDOS SHED

Kudos Shed Rules

•Only 2 or 3 people may enter at a time.

•The use of cellphones is prohibited. The only exception is when and if the exhibition requires it as a form of participation.

•All mobile devices including watches with cameras are required to be left with the attendant at the entrance.

Come to visit us in Wilton, CTWe’re open:
Every day from 1 pm to 7 pm by appointment. 

Totally free