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Kudos Shed emerges from the Kudos Curators platform, a face-to-face extension to apply curatorial ideas in which curators will express their essential work in partnership with chosen artists in the contemporary era of art oversaturated with images and information.  

Making part of the Kudos Curators program, Kudos Shed seeks to turn long-forgotten or neglected sheds into curatorial spaces for curators far beyond their conventional manual or agrarian labor as done by farmers or laborers in wealthier communities. Resembling a space of handy work and one of our keeping tools, with Kudos Shed, we are transforming them into high art experiences and spaces of inventiveness for the public. 

Kudos Shed rescues the importance of the community that manifests itself in dialogue, in experience, for everyone. A physical celebration of the curator, the artist, and the “shed.”  

Kudos Curators and Kudos Shed hope to foster dialogue around the importance of supporting emerging and mid-career contemporary curators, what the arts do for communities, and why these humble spaces are essential in an industry that reinforces economic inequality.  

Shed Wilton


Preserving historical architecture

The external result: KUDOS SHED

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Mon-Sat: from 11 am to 7 pm by appointment. 

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