Last February we honored the work of 2 great artists: Charles O. Perry  (October 18, 1929, Helena, Montana, US – February 8, 2011, Norwalk, Connecticut, US) and Arturo Di Modica (Vittoria, province of Ragusa, Sicily; January 26, 1941-Vittoria, February 19, 2021). Both artists had great careers and left a lesson to the art world. Charles O. Perry translated mathematical questions through sculpture, and Arturo Di Modica gave us irreverent and public art. 

Charles O. Perry was a prolific sculptor who sought to explore paradoxes and enigmas posed by science through art. In this serious journey, he expressed scientific ideas and created a body of work highly influenced by mathematics. In doing so, Perry became recognized internationally for over one hundred public art commissions throughout the United States, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia.

public art new york public art new york public art new york 

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On the other hand, Arturo Di Modica is known the world-over for his famous Charging Bull sculpture, which has become the icon of America’s Wall Street and financial vitality.

Born in the small Sicilian city of Vittoria, in the province of Ragusa, January 26, 1941, (the same place where he died February 19, 2021) the young Arturo was already drawn to the life of the artist and began to see sculpture as his calling by the time he was a teenager. As he grew to manhood in Sicily, his sculpture began to attract attention throughout the Island, which led him to build his career as an artist at the young age of 19.


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At Alvarez Gallery we are proud to have the work of these artists and show it to society.