Jenna Varga is a Lebanese-American producer, composer, & violinist, Varga’s work is collaborative and complex, utilizing her unique ability to adapt to the commercial and artistic demands of projects, while having a sense of agency to maintain their primary goals and aesthetics.

Her international professional career launched with the lauded indie classical group, Lost in The Trees (ANTI) followed by work spanning contemporary, classical, and commercial music. These collaborations and performances have included a wide roster of artists such as The Black Pumas, Peter Stopschinski, Arcade Fire and Miguel; Indigenous tribes such as The Soligas (India), The Bauls (India), The Zapotecs (Mexico), and producing events at such venues as the Lincoln Center (NYC), Town Hall (NYC), ACL Live (Austin, Tx) and Madison Square Garden. 

Her commercial partnerships have been diverse; including the creation of immersive experiences at the World Trade Center, SXSW, the American Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim Museum of Art and the creation of original content for brands such as Coca-Cola, Google, Michelob, and Amazon. During the Covid Pandemic, Jenna co-founded and developed the concept for a covid- safe production facility in New York City.