Quiet and unassuming, this recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts in New York does not exude your “typical” artist personality. With an affect that seems more computer-nerd than creative, Joe Boginski is a surprising talent acquired by the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery. His illustrative pieces contain a playfulness and vision that emulates some of the comic greats. There is a primitive yet expressive quality about Boginski’s work; his drawings are constantly teasing with the mind of the viewer, and each look unveils a new, humorous element. Working in pen and pencil, the stylistic delicateness to the line-work and edges of Boginski’s drawings generate an aura of intrigue.

His mind creeps into the far recesses of the imagination, finding that every stone may be overturned to reveal a world never before expected. Beneath floorboards, he finds entire worlds seeping with adventure and absurdity. Talking with the artist, you can only imagine what his dreams must be like; surely the quiet power of his images must manifest themselves in a space outside of reality.

Boginski is exclusively represented by the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery.



Tarot-Card Deck Designed by Stamford Artist on Exhibit Joe Boginski’s work as part of 5 Year Anniversary Exhibition by Susan Dunne (Hartford Courant, December 24, 2014)