Kamran Fallahpour, PhD, is an Iranian-born American multi-disciplinary artist and a neuroscientist / clinical psychologist living and working in NYC. He works in various artistic media with a focus on sculpture, sound and music. His art explores the fragility and resiliency of human nature at the edge of chaos, along with stillness, and an impulse toward transcendence.

Reduced to their most basic and minimal form, his stylized sculpted figures convey subtle yet powerful expressions that hint at an underlying range of deep emotion. Kamran often works with plaster, applying it to steel rods and frames; an artistic process that brings a spontaneity to his vision, a sense of immediacy as he creates a work before the plaster dries.

His finished pieces are inspired in the moment by this dynamic artistic process, by the tactile sensation of the plaster, and gives rise to forms that explore what it means to perceive. Kamran’s interest and training in neuroscience and psychology adds an additional layer to his work as he incorporates the latest findings in brain science and ponders the plasticity of our perception and the realities we construct.

Central to his artistic vision is the way an artist changes his medium to create art – and how, in turn, the finished art changes the creator, and the viewer. Kamran’s work is informed by sculptors Alberto Giacometti, Henry Moore, and Hans Josephson, as well as minimalist and contemporary movements in art. However, his sculptures retain a distinctive quality, a unique sensibility, and one of ephemeral humanity.