Jeff Robinson

Jeff Robinson (New Jersey, United States, 1959 – )
Studied at the Kansas City Art Institute under the guidance of Dale Eldred and Jim Leedy. Working as an artist in Kansas City, New York City, and Los Angeles, Robinson shifted from sculpture to painting. He stayed in Kansas City throughout the ‘80s participating in the burgeoning art scene at the Random Ranch, Left Bank, and Dolphin galleries. In New York, he began exhibiting at the Meisner/SoHo Gallery, also he was invited to exhibit with GenArt, Oracle, and the Project Room of the Jason McCoy Gallery on 57th St.

Jeff Robinson lives and works in the Roanoke neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri with his wife Courtney Watkins, author, illustrator, and daughter Mary Charles.


The pillars, 2020

Acrylic on canvas

72 x 120 x 2½ in

182.88 x 304.8 x 6.35 cm