“It was no longer a matter of bringing things into being, of manufacturing them and producing them for a world that is all about value, but of seducing them, that is, of diverting them from that value, and therefore from their identity, from their reality, in order to lead them into a game of appearances (…)”  

Jean Baudrillard 


Ben Quesnel (b. 1987-) is an artist and educator producing work from his studio in Stamford, Connecticut. 

Quesnel has recently exhibited at Satellite Art Fair in Miami, Governors Island Art Fair in New York, and the Norwalk Art Space in Connecticut. 

Quesnel’s artwork challenges viewers to apprehend the meanings attached to these objects and evaluate them with a new understanding. Through deconstructing, he exposes the inner attachments one develops with the objects, as they are simultaneously detached from their primary function. Swaying between a definable object and an unreachable thing, Quesnel’s pieces hover between the nameable and unnameable, inviting the viewer to acknowledge that the things we surround ourselves with will never fully be comprehended. 


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