Serbin starts from the whim of the “toon” with which he develops, as the artist himself affirms, his exploration of hybrid, eclectic painting, in terms of his aspiration to be an ambiguously autonomous and equivocal object. For this aspiration, he requires aggregates from other origins to generate its meaning and materialization. Animated is presented to us as the caricaturizing of pictorial purity activated within the redefinition permitted by the conceptual and physical means with which the artist develops his series.

Serbin’s “toons” are the expression of a redefined abstraction, achieved from the open combination of significant elements and existing materials. With these elements, he generates the ambiguity and hybridization of the series regarding the suggestive and sensual elements., This is seen by caricaturing the opening of the pictorial in its formal exhaustion, in the web of interactions and underlying affinities, between the painted image and the artist’s desire as an inquirer of the conventional.

Written by Elizabeth Marín, PhD.


Vincent Serbin (1951 – ) is a New York-based artist currently living and working in the Catskills. His latest series of canvas works explore a new medium and technique for the artist, whose career began by developing a unique method of photomontage (what he calls the “negative collage”). Though spanning decades, for the last 12 years, Serbin has dedicated his practice to an approach that investigates the materiality of the medium. Influenced by the avant-garde strategies of artists such as Robert Ryman, Alberto Burri, and Frank Stella.